Home. I hpe i'd help! Name the family to which it belongs. as is the Apple banana. ( Musa subspecies ) and specificate with the variety-name. His simple description was based on a plantain cultivar bearing long and slender fruits that remain starchy even when fully ripe. [2][3], It is also known widely (and erroneously) as Lacatan in Latin America and the West Indies, but should not be confused with the Philippine cultivar Lakatan. All banana trees that are cultivated on a large scale to extract fruit are in this category. vigorous grower but it is susceptible to the Panama Disease, Race Two Musapedia, the banana knowledge Yellow Wild Indigo. Scientific name is the name conforming to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (ICN). (Puerto Rico) and 'Banane Blanche' (French West Indies). Maths. Other names or Big leaf Maple. You must know Binomial Nomenclature or Scientific Name of Banana × Close Register here. Though they grow as high as trees, banana and plantain plants are not woody and their apparent "stem" is made up of the bases of the huge leaf stalks. It ranks first in production (>5.63 million metric tonnes) and area harvested (415 000 has) (BAS 2005) among other fruit crops. ‘Brazilian. The plant is, a Musa acuminata is diploid, that is it has two sets of chromosomes. 273 Qs. 'Nino", also known as the 'Lady Finger', 'Sugar' banana, 'Finger' List of Scientific Names of Animals Scientific names are name used by scientists, especially the taxonomic name of an organisms that consist of the genus and species. Banana chips export volume in 2003 was 25,998.3 tons valued at $24.35 M or $0.937/kg to 55 countries. FHIA-01', 'FHIA 02', 'Thousand Fingers', 'Bluggoe', The Saba Banana in Spanish can be different from Saba Banana in English. The common name of this plant in Spanish is banano Pimienta. Skin is yellow-brown, with thin white flesh surrounding several large seeds. The plant has 8 - 12 leaves that are up to 9 ft long and 2 ft wide. The Golden Pillow does. The 'Nino", also known as the 'Lady Finger', 'Sugar' banana, 'Finger' banana, 'Fig' banana, 'Date' banana, or 'Sucrier'; in Spanish, as 'Dedo de Dama', 'Datil', 'Nino', 'Bocadillo', 'Manices', 'Guineo Blanco', 'Platano Roatan' or 'Cambur Titiaro'; in French, as 'Banane-figue', 'Banane mignonne', 'Figue sucrée' (West Indies), 'Banane figue sucrée', 'Banane doigt de dame', 'Banane naine', 'Banana ficaire', 'Banana "Sucrier'. Perennial Flowers + Moneyplant . The process of banana flowering is called shooting. Triticum aestivum is the species name of bread wheat. Nice and sweet The varieties commonly planted in the Philippines are … Masak Hijau bananas are triploid banana cultivars from Malaysia. banana, Fei Masak Hijau bananas are triploid banana cultivars from Malaysia. Rank Scientific Name and Common Name; Kingdom: Plantae ... CGIAR-Banana Bunchy Top Disease (MUSA2) FL-University of Florida Horticulture (USFS Fact Sheet) (MUSA2) Global Musa Genomics Consortium (MUSA2) are the. astringent taste [4][6], CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "ENCANTO FARMS "we be bananas" in San Diego", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Masak_Hijau_banana&oldid=978576666, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 September 2020, at 19:00. leaves are dappled red. and eaten the difference is apparent. Banana plant roots are rhizomes that have many medicinal uses and they are traditionally used in many medicines in Ayurveda. Cavendish bananas are the most common variety. The plant's Family is Banana. Scientific names or Binomial Nomenclature is a scientific process wherein entities such as plants, animals, living entities are named and they are derived from Latin. If you want to contribute to a diversity-related page that doesn't exist, contact us and we will add it to the list. Anise in Spanish is known as Anís and Banana Tree in Spanish is known as Banano. Cherry Pepper in Spanish is known as cereza de la pimienta and Banana Pepper in Spanish is known as banano Pimienta. Contextual translation of "the scientific name of a banana tree" into Malay. Musa is one of two or three genera in the family Musaceae.The genus includes flowering plants producing edible bananas and plantains.Around 70 species of Musa are known, with a broad variety of uses.. Cavendish Bananas . 'Congo' to FHIA Banana and Plantain Hybrids, Pohnpei Lessard writes: "The plant looks exactly like the Apple do not grow on trees. See answer 10. ORIGIN: Asian tropics. The banana plant is actually the world’s tallest herb that can grow upwards of 25 feet tall! [6] Its official designation is Musa acuminata (AAA Group) 'Masak Hijau'. Other than the genus name and species name, there is the trinomial name (in case of animals it is referred to as trinomen), which is given to subspecies. Other common names include Monte Cristo, Giant Fig, Bungulan, and Mestiça… Cavendish bananas are the fruits of one of a number of banana cultivars belonging to the Cavendish subgroup of the AAA banana cultivar group.The same term is also used to describe the plants on which the bananas grow. It was reported by Gabriel Sachter-Smith, who observed it near the capital Honiara in 2011. Musa textilis is the scientific name of a plant of banana species. Scientific Publications Grant ISBN 978-971-Farmers’ Handbook on Introduced and Local Banana Cultivars in the Philippines FS dela Cruz Jr., LS Gueco, OP Damasco, VC Huelgas, FM dela Cueva, TO Dizon, MLJ Sison, IG Banasihan, VO Sinohin, and AB Molina, Jr. ISBN 978-971-91751-8-6 . Even in the U.S. where bananas are not grown, the average person, in a year, eats 10 pounds more bananas than apples. The main purpose of having a scientific name is to have a same name accepted and used worldwide. 'Scientific Naming,' aka 'Binomial nomenclature,' is the scientific process under which names to all living organisms, plants, and animals are given. banana, 'Fig' banana, 'Date' banana, or 'Sucrier'; in Spanish, as 'Dedo. 2. The fruits ripen when the skin is light green to yellow-green, like other Cavendish cultivars. orange Fei banana known as Karat in the Micronesian island of Pohnpei Paradise muse. In 2004 banana chips export leaped to $36.86 M on a 36,538 mt volume or $1.01/kg . They include commercially important cultivars like 'Dwarf Cavendish' (1888) and 'Grand Nain' (the "Chiquita banana"). :D The Golden Pillow is still a recommended banana In the Americas it is also known as "Monte Cristo" in Puerto Rico; "Giant Fig", "Bout Rond", and "Congo" in the West Indies; and "Mestiça" in Brazil. Click on a scientific name below to expand it in the PLANTS Classification Report. Desert banana. Musapedia, Paper – a thin material consisting of flat sheets made from pulped wood, cloth, or fiber. Organisation and Classification:The organism can be easily categorised, this really helps to make it easier to understand the characteristics of a specific organism in an organised chart. The scientific name of Saba Banana is the botanical name or formal name. Actually, banana peel has no scientific name. Musa acuminata. Fruits are less susceptible to cigar end rot1. banana plants can grow to a height of 12 to 20 feet. ORIGIN: Asian tropics. ( Musa subspecies ) and specificate with the variety-name. Cherry Pepper and Banana Pepper in Spanish is also different. You can also consult the banana cultivar checklist, whose goal is to list the various vernacular names given to banana cultivars and identify which ones are synonyms (different names that refer to the same clone) and homonyms (similar names that refer to different clones). The word "banana" is a general term embracing a number of species or hybrids in the genus Musa of the family Musaceae. 10. The banana chips industry growth from 2002 to 2003 was 14.8% in value and 9.91% in volume. of Japan and M. ornata Roxb., native from Pakistan to Burma, are grown only as ornamental plants or for fiber.M. bananas, like this Afara from Tahiti, often have orange-coloured flesh, Banana 'Banane mignonne', 'Figue sucrée' (West Indies), 'Banane The main purpose of having a scientific name is to have a same name accepted and used worldwide. 'Banane doigt de dame', 'Banane naine', 'Banana ficaire', 'Banana varieties in the South Pacific. [Illegitimate] Banana (Engl.) Tall’ Lady's Finger Bananas. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. [6], Masak Hijau is also erroneously called "Lacatan" in Latin America and the West Indies. According to the Market Manila website, rhizomes -- baby lakatan trees ready for planting -- are also called "suckers." It is called Malay banana or red banana, since its bananas have a reddish color. var. While the cavendish banana tops the list of the most popular variety sold in the United States, lakatan bananas work better for buffet spreads and dishes. The name "banana" comes from an Arabic word meaning "finger." Northstar Tart Cherry. Other than that, obviously, the most important use of the rhizomes is to propagate the plants. French FAMILY: Musaceae SCIENTIFIC NAME: Musa sp. The first scientific term given to banana is Musa paradisiaca Linn. Scientific names : Common names : Karkandela x malabarica Raf. and "Sucrier'. The common banana (M. sapientum) is a subspecies of the plantain (M. paradisiaca). It gives you the idea of how the plant looks, where the seed pod will be, what the seed will be like, etc. Use: for writing and printing on, for wrapping things in, for covering walls. Banana plants are actually perennial … + 13. Some species such as M. Basjoo Sieb. Serrano Pepper. The fruits are cooked before they become palatable and consumed. The Genus name is Musa, however the species name would really depend on which type of banana you are looking at.The two wild species are Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana.I am sure if you look on google you would be able to find out the scientific names for the others. Hibiscus mutabilis is the scientific name of a species of roses. and there is no acidity whatsoever. Cavendish Banana - Grand Nain (=Grand Naine=Chiquita Banana) Cavendish Banana - Williams (=Giant Cavendish) Cavendish Banana - Robusta (=Valery) Plantain - Cardava (=Cardaba)